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 (ĭ-pûrn′, ā-pârn′)
A large table centerpiece consisting of a frame with extended arms or branches supporting holders, as for flowers, fruit, or sweetmeats.

[Perhaps alteration of French épargne, a saving, from épargner, to save, from Old French espargnier, of Germanic origin.]


(Furniture) an ornamental centrepiece for a table: a stand with holders for sweetmeats, fruit, flowers, etc
[C18: probably from French épargne a saving, from épargner to economize, of Germanic origin; compare spare]


(ɪˈpɜrn, eɪˈpɛərn)

an ornamental stand or dish for holding fruit, flowers, etc., used as a centerpiece.
[1755–65; perhaps < French épargne treasury, saving, n. derivative of épargner to save < Germanic; compare German sparen to save, spare]
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Noun1.epergne - a large table centerpiece with branching holders for fruit or sweets or flowersepergne - a large table centerpiece with branching holders for fruit or sweets or flowers
centerpiece, centrepiece - something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)
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An epergne or centrepiece of some kind was in the middle of this cloth; it was so heavily overhung with cobwebs that its form was quite undistinguishable; and, as I looked along the yellow expanse out of which I remember its seeming to grow, like a black fungus, I saw speckled-legged spiders with blotchy bodies running home to it, and running out from it, as if some circumstances of the greatest public importance had just transpired in the spider community.
A corpulent straddling epergne, blotched all over as if it had broken out in an eruption rather than been ornamented, delivered this address from an unsightly silver platform in the centre of the table.
The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw a brief and limited revival of epergnes in the rococo and neoclassical styles.
There will also be all manner of tableware and flatware from silver specialists such as Malka Levine, P & P Antiques and Jeffrey Neal, formerly of the London Silver Vaults, who will offer pieces dating from 1700 up to 1940 including large table centrepieces - or epergnes - as well as canteens of cutlery.
A great Birmingham invention, and business success, which is still commanding a strong following in the auction room, where Elkington epergnes and other items stand out as quality items and often sell for more than pounds 1,000.
Epergnes (ay-PURNS) are practical as well as functional; they're frames with extended arms or branches that usually support candles and holders for flowers, fruits or other sweets.
Hung just below the ceiling of a room consecrated to creamers and epergnes is a characteristically amusing Poelenburgh of thickset classical figures engaged in a heavy-footed dance, but about to be disturbed by some cows plodding out from a barn: Dutch mythographies are often impaired because their painters could not resist bringing cows into them.
Perfect for the Christmas table are the centrepieces or epergnes offered by Jeffrey Neal and Lyn Bloom of the London Silver Vaults whilst fine porcelain will be offered by specialists such as Mark and Sandra Diamond, Typically English and John Newton renowned for continental pieces such as Meissen.