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He lists the pure pleasures as 'those related to colours said to be beautiful, to shapes and smells and sounds, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the ones which have imperceptible and painless lacks and which provide perceptible and pleasureful fillings, 51b5-7); the last phrase can be taken to be epexegetical, revealing the entire category of pure pleasures to be preceded by imperceptible and painless lacks.
Azyumardi Azra's Indonesian translations of the Javanese renderings in the cited example, too, follow the standard epexegetical Indonesian reading without further ado, and are, strictly speaking, not faithful to the Javanese original, in which no superlatives are used.
In the first instance, Aristotle says that form, which by way of an epexegetical [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]--i.e., an 'i.e.'--he takes to be equivalent to a paradigm, is the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] (formula) of an essence.
Elsewhere his epexegetical skills follow in a more conventional path.
The work, a Habilitation at the University of Tubingen, with Otfried Hofius as main advisor, is composed of four parts: (1) an analysis of the structure of the whole Gospel as a means of providing a context for 9:9-13; (2) a short grammatical and lexical analysis of the pericope; (3) the call and eleos (mercy), the exegetical heart of the book, with studies of am ha-aretz, didaskalos, the parallels in 1 Kings 19:19-21 and Ezekiel 34, the rabbinic formula "come and learn," sinful publicans (sinners is epexegetical), and especially of Hosea 6:6 in its original context and its function in Matthew.