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A mayfly, especially one of the family Ephemeridae.

[From New Latin Ephēmeridae, former order name, from Greek ephēmeron, mayfly; see ephemeron.]


(Animals) any insect of the order Ephemeroptera (or Ephemerida), which comprises the mayflies. Also called: ephemeropteran
[C19: from New Latin Ephēmerida, from Greek ephēmeros short-lived + -id2]



n., pl. -flies.
any of numerous insects of the family Ephemeridae, with large transparent forewings and threadlike tails, living for a relatively long period as an aquatic nymph and only for two days or less as an adult.
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Noun1.ephemerid - short-lived insectephemerid - short-lived insect      
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
Plectophera - in some former classifications: name for the Ephemeroptera
dayfly, mayfly, shadfly - slender insect with delicate membranous wings having an aquatic larval stage and terrestrial adult stage usually lasting less than two days
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It is anticipated that such a configuration based on multiple star tracker heads and a safe ephemerid configuration would also improve the overall robustness reliability and availability (not requiring to bring the satellite into sun pointing safe mode as frequently).
In the first step we determine difference of rough signal and ephemerid tide in the tube.
If the question is viewed from all perspectives, then the answer would be: because there is something important or even something serious in them that exceeds the journalistic ephemerid, maintaining validity and significance in a horizon of time (and space).