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n. pl. eph·e·mer·i·des (ĕf′ə-mĕr′ə-dēz′)
A table giving the coordinates of a celestial body at a number of specific times during a given period.

[Late Latin ephēmeris, from Greek, diary, from ephēmeros, daily; see ephemeral.]
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n, pl ephemerides (ˌɛfɪˈmɛrɪˌdiːz)
1. (Astronomy) a table giving the future positions of a planet, comet, or satellite
2. (Astronomy) an annual publication giving the positions of the sun, moon, and planets during the course of a year, information concerning eclipses, astronomical constants, etc
3. (Library Science & Bibliography) obsolete a diary or almanac
[C16: from Latin, from Greek: diary, journal; see ephemeral]
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(ɪˈfɛm ər ɪs)

n., pl. e•phe•mer•i•des (ˌɛf əˈmɛr ɪˌdiz)
1. a table showing the positions of a heavenly body on a number of dates in a regular sequence.
2. an astronomical almanac containing such tables.
3. Archaic. an almanac or calendar.
[1545–55; < Latin ephēmeris day book, diary < Greek ephēmerís diary, account book]
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an astronomical almanac giving, as an aid to the astronomer and navigator, the locations of celestial bodies for each day of the year.
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A table that shows the coordinates of a celestial body at various specific times.
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Noun1.ephemeris - an annual publication containing astronomical tables that give the positions of the celestial bodies throughout the year; "today computers calculate the ephemerides"
yearly, annual, yearbook - a reference book that is published regularly once every year
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"Broadcast versus precise ephemerides: a multi-GNSS perspective," GPS Solutions, vol.
The broadcast ephemerides downloaded from MGEX are compared to the final orbit provided by the GFZ.
The uncertainty of the planetary ephemerides is one of the major factors that affect the accuracy of the navigation.
On GNSS applications the quality of satellite ephemerides products used for data evaluation is a significant factor that affects the results in post-processing solutions either applying relative or PPP methods on analyses.
(See skypub.com/ephemeris for more tips on generating ephemerides.)
Actualites Eecrit par Alain Souchon Talavera Champions League Une chronique de la finale de la Champions League disputee, samedi au stade Da Luz de Lisbonne, peut etre ecrite de plusieurs formes mais dans les ephemerides du sport, l'histoire ne retient que les noms des vainqueurs.
The research, conducted with expert assistance from colleagues at the Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides (IMCCE) of the Observatoire de Paris, revealed that the 12 km moon orbits the large 250 km asteroid every 3 days at a distance of 600 km in an ellipse inclined almost 45 degrees with respect to the asteroid's equator.
Moreover, to compute possible impact solution of the asteroid (101955) Bennu with the earth we take into account the OrbFit software with different JPL planetary and lunar ephemerides, perturbations of different number of additional massive asteroids, weighting and selection of observations according to the NEODyS, the error model based on Chesley et al.
Among the topics are relativity for astronomy, celestial mechanics, and metrology; terrestrial coordinates and the rotation of the Earth; orbital ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, and planets; eclipses of the Sun and Moon; and calendars.
When calculating the ephemerides we have assigned weightings of 1 to visual minima; 2 to photographic minima and 10 to CCD and pe minima.