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 (ĕf′ôr′, -ər)
n. pl. eph·ors or eph·o·ri (-ə-rī′)
One of five elected magistrates exercising a supervisory power over the kings of Sparta.

[Latin ephorus, from Greek ephoros, from ephorān, to oversee : ep-, epi-, epi- + horān, to see; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

eph′or·ate′ (-ə-rāt′, -ə-rĭt) n.
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n, pl -ors or -ori (-əˌraɪ)
(Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece) one of a board of senior magistrates in any of several Dorian states, esp the five Spartan ephors, who were elected by vote of all full citizens and who wielded effective power
[C16: from Greek ephoros, from ephoran to supervise, from epi- + horan to look]
ˈephoral adj
ˈephorate n
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(ˈɛf ɔr, ˈɛf ər)

n., pl. -ors, -or•i (-əˌraɪ)
one of a body of magistrates in ancient Dorian states, esp. at Sparta, where a body of five was elected annually by the people.
[1580–90; < Latin ephorus < Greek éphoros overseer, guardian, ruler (compare ephorân to look over =ep- ep- + horân to see, look)]
eph′or•al, adj.
eph′or•ate (-əˌreɪt, -ər ɪt) n.
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In Sparta the popular assembly had little power and power rested with the two kings, the council of elders or Gerousia, and the Ephorate. In Athens, democracy emerged when the archons, along with their council, the Aeropagus, were largely stripped of their power, which was then transferred to the popular assembly, the ecclesia.
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