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n.1.(Zool.) A stage in the development of discophorous medusæ, when they first begin to swim about after being detached from the strobila. See Strobila.
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Ephyrae were collected in chambers by an overflow system and fed as for the polyps.
Under the proper conditions, these polyps metamorphose into a free-swimming stage, known as ephyrae, in just six days.
aurita, we used ephyrae and young medusae (less than 10 mm) as well as medusae.
Medusae of this species are thought to be released as ephyrae from benthic polyps residing in the Yellow and East China Seas during late spring and early summer, and the growing medusae are then transported into the Sea of Japan by the Tsushima Current (Kawahara et al.
Similar observations have been made for scyphomedusae that develop from ephyrae, characterized by bells with large clefts separating lappets, into adults with continuous bell morphologies (Higgins et al.
Previous studies of ephyral prey capture by two semaeos-tome scyphomedusan ephyrae, Aurelia aurita (Sullivan et al.
An understanding of feeding by juvenile scyphomedusae, or ephyrae, is a prerequisite for an understanding of survival, growth, and planktonic impact of scyphomedusan populations.
Young ephyrae and hydromedusae can be injured or eaten by other members of the polyp colony.
Typically with 16 tentacles, alternating shorter and longer; number of tentacles highly varied, often corresponding to symmetry of parent medusae, parent polyp, or offspring ephyrae.
One example is the process of strobilation in symbiotic scyphozoans such as Mastigias (Sugiura, 1964) and Cassiopeia (Colley and Trench, 1985); these jellyfish produce ephyrae only in the presence of Symbiodinium.
Aurelia has a typical bipartite scyphozoan life history in which benthic scyphopolyps asexually strobilate ephyrae that grow into sexual medusae, the females of which brood larvae that settle into the shallow coastal benthos within a few days of being released.