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1. In Ptolemaic cosmology, a small circle, the center of which moves on the circumference of a larger circle at whose center is the earth and the circumference of which describes the orbit of one of the planets around the earth.
2. Mathematics A circle whose circumference rolls along the circumference of a fixed circle, thereby generating an epicycloid or a hypocycloid.

[Middle English epicicle, from Late Latin epicyclus, from Greek epikuklos : epi-, epi- + kuklos, circle; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]

ep′i·cyc′lic (-sĭk′lĭk, -sī′klĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.epicyclic - of or relating to an epicycle; "epicyclic gear train"
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In 1928 the Wilson compound epicyclic gearbox was introduced as an option on the 30hp and 18hp models and was soon available throughout the model range.
Originally bought for PS154 3s 3d by as Scottish shipbuilder, 5HP has a water-cooled 983cc engine powering its rear wheels through an epicyclic gearbox and chain drive.
[18.] Willis, J.R., "On the Kinematics of the Closed Epicyclic Differential Gears", Transactions of the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol.
Keruvannya zminamy shvydkosti za dopomohoyu zubchastoyi dyferentsial'noyi peredachi cherez epitsykl [Speed change management via epicyclic gear train through epicycle] Visnyk Ternopil's'koho natsional'noho tekhnichnoho universytetu [Scientific Journal of Ternopil National Technical University].
On the other hand, in larger wind turbines, the planetary design (epicyclic configuration) is definitely dominating.
Compared to the simplified epicyclic train model only including local contact deformations, the geometry deformation coordination model developed by Vernay further took structural deformations into account.
"Recent metallurgical findings have revealed features strongly consistent with fatigue in the outer race of a second stage planet gear in the epicyclic module of the (main gear box)," the Accident Investigation Board Norway said in a report published on its website on Wednesday.
Power-split architectures are complex and expensive, as they require two electric machines and at least one epicyclic gear train to continuously vary the engine speed ratio.