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Noun1.epicyclic gear - an outer gear that revolves about a central sun gear of an epicyclic trainepicyclic gear - an outer gear that revolves about a central sun gear of an epicyclic train
epicyclic gear train, epicyclic train - a system of epicyclic gears in which at least one wheel axis itself revolves about another fixed axis
cogwheel, gear, gear wheel, geared wheel - a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion
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Caption: Figure 2: Multibody model of epicyclic gear train, showing only one body frame and displacement field of point c; the holonomic constraints include the rigid joint between the ring gear and ground and revolute joints between gears and ground.
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Singh [16] developed the concept of an epicyclic load sharing map to describe the load sharing characteristics of every epicyclic gear set at any positional error and torque level.
Given the high rotational speed of APU LP spool (about 20,000 rpm), to avoid fan tip excessive speeds, Garrett engineers developed a concentric epicyclic gear box to drive the fan.
The prototype system combines proven systems and technologies with a compressed air energy storage unit, a hydraulic pump/motor unit and an automatic transmission with an epicyclic gear train.
At first glance, the construction of the BHS power distribution gear is very similar to that of a standard epicyclic gear: Three planet gears are arrayed around a central sun pinion.
Planetary gear trains, also referred as epicyclic gear trains, are those in which one or more gears orbit about the central axis of the train.
These gearboxes feature a new epicyclic gear design that increases the power of the unit without affecting overall weight.