epideictic oratory

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Noun1.epideictic oratory - a type of oratory used to eulogize or condemn a person or group of people; "Pericles' funeral oration for Athenians killed in the Peloponnesian War is a famous example of epideictic oratory"
oratory - addressing an audience formally (usually a long and rhetorical address and often pompous); "he loved the sound of his own oratory"
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Further, it revives a moribund field of scholarly rhetorical theory, formerly taught widely in the schools as epideictic oratory, but now used mainly at the transnational level.
The present paper will seek to argue that Oration 53 is an exercise in invention, as opposed to an extended specimen of epideictic oratory, and that it presents an innovative strategy for an encomium of Homer in that it deliberately creates, and subsequently confronts and resolves, a dilemma which challenges the cultural and literary loyalties of Dio's own age: Homer vs.
"Towards a Cultural Understanding of Classical Epideictic Oratory," Pre/Text 9: 147-66.
[70] As a paean to music, Casoni's treatise is, in fact, a musical encomium, one of many in a long tradition of epideictic oratory on music as "harmony," construed in the variety of its applications to cosmic, human, and specifically musical phenomena.
(6) While the other types of oratory that Aristotle distinguishes in his Rhetoric, deliberative and judicial oratory, deal with decisions to be made or actions to be taken, epideictic oratory is concerned solely with praise or censure.