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n.1.(Anat.) The epidermis.
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It was probable that, in the lapse of ages, improved systems of moral and intellectual training would appreciably, perhaps considerably, elevate the involuntary and even the unconscious instincts of human nature; but up to the present day culture, as far as he could see, might be said to have affected only the mental epiderm of those lives which had been brought under its influence.
MTT viability measurement Skin irritation Skin irritation assay Model SkinEthic, EpiSkin, on reconstituted Epiderm, LabCyte.
For example, there are a number of skin tests available that use human reconstructed skin, such as EpiDerm, as well as the 3T3 neutral red uptake test for sunlight-induced "phototoxicity," and the Bovine Cornea Opacity and Permeability test for eye corrosion.
Current in vitro products include EpiAirway, EpiDerm, EpiDermFT, EpiGingival, EpiOcular, EpiOral, EpiVaginal, and MelanoDerm tissue models, and Human Dendritic Cells.
Examples of recent in vitro method validations by ECVAM in the area of topical toxicity are 3T3 neutral red uptake phototoxicity test, EpiSkin skin corrosivity test, rat transcutaneous electrical resistance skin corrosivity test, and EpiDerm skin corrosivity test.
The potter no longer is his skin: 'I feel between my self and my epiderm a gap, a thin space where the wedge of spiritual dissociation could be set' (p.
Camouflage cosmetic companies whose products are available on prescription include: Covermark, Epiderm Ltd (Tel; 01629 826833), Dermablend, Brodie & Stone (0171 278 9597).
Eggert Stockftleth, Professor of dermatology, Charite, Berlin and founder of the EpiDerm project which is sponsored by the European Union and has the aim to raise awareness of AK.