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1. The outer, protective, nonvascular layer of the skin of vertebrates, covering the dermis.
2. An integument or outer layer of various invertebrates.
3. The outermost layer of cells covering the leaves and young parts of a plant.

[Late Latin, from Greek : epi-, epi- + derma, skin; see der- in Indo-European roots.]

ep′i·der′mal (-məl), ep′i·der′mic adj.
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Adj.1.epidermic - of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula
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a. epidérmico-a, rel. a la epidermis.
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First of all, they force the distant viewer -- the 'televiewer' to follow dramatic events (which, invariably, constitute the first choice of the mass media because of the 'high ratings' they achieve, and to experience situations of misery, unhappiness, destruction and human suffering, in a manner that is totally epidermic and rules out any form of a in-depth analysis and understanding of events and circumstances.
parchment was animal skin [right arrow] Epidermic space of that
Were qualitatively evaluated: (1) characteristics of epidermic cells; (2) cuticle; (3) thickness of the endoderm; (4) thickness of the exodermis; (5) hypodermis; (6) trichomes; (7) mesophyll; (8) vascular and extravascular fibers and (9) vascular bundles.
Emerging breast cancer epidermic: evidence from Africa.
In 1787, Rushton was unable to imagine black revolt beyond the most epidermic: Loango, the only slave brought to action in the Eclogues, is driven by passion, and therefore unable to think politically.
The examination revealed circulating IgG directed against the dermoepidermic junction and taken away by the epidermic side of the junctional dehiscence.
A comparison of Billy's various versions of this motif suggests that her sculptural interests are ultimately focused on what might be called epidermic concerns--that is, on the study of the possible crusts and surfaces of matter.
Daniel Rakazi of Medicines San Frontier (MSF) said the medical charity managed to reach Yambio, Ezo and Tombura, providing drugs to people living with the HIV/Aids epidermic.
The new improved PRoPHET routing protocol is a improvised version of epidermic protocol .
By proposing a necessary departure from what she defines an epidermic (and Pasolinian) interpretation of the Roman periphery in favor of a model that takes into account the complexity of Rome's contemporary cityscape--a sprawl, an outer city, or a post-metropolis--Modena argues for the necessity to merge different critical and narrative instruments in order to capture Rome's new urbanscape.