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Jussac was, as was then said, a fine blade, and had had much practice; nevertheless it required all his skill to defend himself against an adversary who, active and energetic, departed every instant from received rules, attacking him on all sides at once, and yet parrying like a man who had the greatest respect for his own epidermis.
Just the same as though you prayed that a physician might only be called upon to prescribe for headaches, measles, and the stings of wasps, or any other slight affection of the epidermis.
Our outside and often thin and fanciful clothes are our epidermis, or false skin, which partakes not of our life, and may be stripped off here and there without fatal injury; our thicker garments, constantly worn, are our cellular integument, or cortex; but our shirts are our liber, or true bark, which cannot be removed without girdling and so destroying the man.
Gliddon was of opinion, from the redness of the epidermis, that the embalmment had been effected altogether by asphaltum; but, on scraping the surface with a steel instrument, and throwing into the fire some of the powder thus obtained, the flavor of camphor and other sweet-scented gums became apparent.
He considered his throat, epidermis, and the hairs of his head as the three principal seats of emotion.
Previous studies have shown that epidermal stem cells can be used to repair a damaged epidermis, they noted.
Un protocolo como el Serum Intense Hydrating de LPG nos ayuda a retener el agua en las capas superiores de la epidermis para garantizar la hidratacion superficial.
They found that stem cells coming from different epidermal compartments present very similar response during wound repair, despite the fact that they are recruited from different regions of the epidermis.
The foreskin was placed into the Petri dish with the dermis facing downwards and the bottom immersed in the culture medium, whilst the epidermis was above the culture medium surface [12].
These reconstructed human skin equivalents demonstrated with fully differentiated epidermis could closely resemble native human epidermis, [sup][16],[17] therefore providing a morphologically relevant means to assess skin irritation and to research the skin-related disease in vitro .
To study the material's impact on the epidermis, at 0.