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Composed of or resembling epidermal tissue: epidermoid carcinoma.


a. epidermoide;
semejante a la piel;
rel. a un tumor que contiene células epidérmicas.
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Cerebellopontine angle epidermoid cysts: A report on 30 cases.
(9) The usual second dermatoses include granuloma annulare, sarcoidosis, lichen planus, multiple epidermoid cysts, granulomatous folliculitis, and tinea infections etc.
The differential diagnosis for solid testicular mass at this age also includes teratomas, epidermoid cysts, yolk sac tumours (endodermal sinus tumours) and mixed germ cell tumours.[sup.11] Only two cases of bilateral JGCT of the testis have been reported, both in intraabdominal testis.[sup.8,9] In 20% of the reported cases of JGCT of the testis, chromosomal anomalies have been detected, such as structural abnormalities of the Y chromosome and XO/XY mosaicism,[sup.10] and some had genital ambiguity.
Squamous-lined cysts of the pancreas: lymphoepithelial cysts, dermoid cysts (teratomas) and accessory-splenic epidermoid cysts. Semin Diagn Pathol.
(3,4) Magnetic resonance imaging can be useful to rule out other associated congenital midface masses, such as dermoid cysts, epidermoid cysts, nasal gliomas, and encephaloceles.
Miscellaneous malformations - cerebellar hypoplasia, pontine tegmental cap dysplasia, rhombencephalosynapsis, Joubert syndrome, lipoma, epidermoid cysts.
Epidermoid cyst (cholesteatoma) and cholesterol granuloma of the temporal bone and epidermoid cysts affecting the brain.
Epidermoid cysts (primary cholesteatomas) arise from cell rests in either the fourth ventricle, in the cerebellopontine angle, or within the temporal bone.
The man was diagnosed with epidermoid cysts, which are caused by build-ups of fluid or semi-fluid substances in sacs of skin.
(6) Given the anatomic location of base-of-tongue cysts, the differential diagnosis should also include mucoceles, thyroglossal duct cysts, dermoid cysts, epidermoid cysts, vallecular cysts, hemangiomas, cystic hygromas, lymphangiomas, thyroid remnant cysts, teratomas, and hamartomas.
The former, named dermoid and epidermoid cysts, are always lined by squamous epithelium, with or without skin appendages.
Epidermoid cysts are lined with stratified squamous epithelium and teratoid also contain skin adnexa, along with mesodermal and endodermal elements (muscles, bones, respiratory and gastrointestinal tissues) [1, 2, 4].

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