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Aquatic animals, such as starfish, flounder, or barnacles, that live on the surface of a sea or lake bottom or on the surface of a submerged substrate, such as rocks or aquatic plants and animals, but that do not burrow into or beneath the surface.

ep′i·fau′nal adj.
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(Zoology) zoology relating to epifauna
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Feeding physiology of infaunal (Mulinia edulis) and epifaunal (Mytilus chilensis) bivalves under a wide range of concentrations and qualities of seston.
Furthermore, sea stars preferred smaller prey when feeding on infaunal bivalves but preferred larger epifaunal prey when feeding on urchins and sand dollars (Gaymer et al., 2004).
2012a, 2012b), was used to (1) examine changes in mortality rates of oysters and oyster community composition after episodic (2 wk) exposure to acidified conditions (a period of time corresponding to an acid sulfate soil runoff event due to heavy precipitation); (2) examine how chronic exposure (greater than 6 mo, represented by oyster source site conditions) modify oyster and oyster community response to an episodic stressor; and (3) determine if oyster mortality data are correlated with patterns in abundance of associated epifaunal species.
A taxonomic listing of benthic macro- and megainvertebrates from infaunal and epifaunal monitoring and research programs in the Southern California Bight.
Trol ve algarna gibi dipte suruklenerek cekilen av araclari bentik ekosistem uzerinde yarattiklari fiziksel etki sebebiyle, infaunal ve epifaunal canli komunitelerin azalmasina veya tumuyle olumune sebep olmaktadirlar.
Furthermore, oysters are filter feeding bivalves adapted to a sessile epifaunal lifestyle in marine or brackish waters and are dependent on hard substrates (Amaral & Simone, 2014).
Benthic foraminiferal assemblages are moderately diverse (about 50 species), with similar proportions of epifaunal and infaunal taxa.
Additionally, 10 habitat quality indicators (epifaunal substrate/available cover, embeddedness, velocity/depth combinations, sediment deposition, channel flow status, channel alteration, riffle frequency, bank stability, bank vegetation, and riparian zone vegetation) were visually assessed on a scale from 1-20 (least to most) following the protocols outlined by the US EPA (Barbour et al., 1999).
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