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1. Inscriptions considered as a group.
a. The study of inscriptions.
b. Decipherment, especially of ancient inscriptions.

e·pig′ra·pher, e·pig′ra·phist n.
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The exhibition is a tribute to the most important archaeological work carried out over the past 20 years, led by its two curators: French archaeologist and epigraphist Laila Nehme, and Saudi archaeologist Abdulrahman Al-Suhaibani.
In 1961 he began working at the EFEO office on Monivong Boulevard under the famous epigraphist George CAdes, who at the time had no successor.
(3) Daphne Hereward, a New Zealander by birth, subsequently became a noted epigraphist.
An epigraphist team from the Tiruchi-based Seethalakshmi Ramasamy College said the inscriptions would help reconstruct the history of the area, as the temple enjoyed the patronage of all major dynasties of that period.
The historian, epigraphist and numismatist has five books and more than 40 art-icles in academic journals and edi-ted volumes to her credit.
He was an epigraphist and a scholar of the Vachana literature.
And that kind of variety is nothing new, according to epigraphist Angela Donati, an expert in ancient Roman inscriptions who teaches at the University of Bologna.
G.S.Khwaja, is an epigraphist of Arabic and Persian working with the Archaeological Survey of India, Nagpur.
at all, or diligently hid the bust under some unimportant antiquities or Gustave Lefebvre as an epigraphist and papyrologist did not recognize the importance of the bust.
As I am neither an epigraphist nor a historian by training nor by profession this review should have been written by someone more qualified or more close to DVV, perhaps by his lineal disciples or by his classmates.
While the two of them have published profusely on ancient Southeast Asia, none is a classical epigraphist or philologist.
Also from the United States, the epigraphist Philip Jenner (Cornell University), in close collaboration with Saveros Pou, chose to study ancient inscriptions in the vernacular language.