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n, pl -nions or -nia (-nɪə)
(Physical Geography) the upper layer of water in a lake
[C20: from epi- + Greek limnion, diminutive of limnē lake]


(ˌɛp əˈlɪm niˌɒn, -ən)

n., pl. -ni•a (-ni ə)
(in certain lakes) the layer of water above the thermocline.
[1905–10; epi- + Greek límnion small pond]
ep`i•lim•net′ic (-ˈnɛt ɪk) ep`i•lim′ni•al, adj.
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As part of the overall larger experiment, the epilimnia of Central and West Long were enriched daily with liquid fertilizer ([NO.sub.3], [NH.sub.4], and [PO.sub.4]; N:P ratio 25:1 by atoms) from May through September of 1993-1995 (see Carpenter et al.
On 12 June 1995, we added the same absolute amount of nutrients as in 1994 (i.e., we did not correct for the difference in epilimnetic volume between years); because the epilimnia were somewhat larger, absolute pulse concentrations were somewhat smaller (7 [micro]g/L.