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Adj.1.epimorphic - characterized by incomplete metamorphosis; having the same number of body segments in successive stages
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
metamorphic - characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance
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retaining their universal properties (limit), being one time monomorphic (function x is injective) or second epimorphic (function v is surjective); the first preserving all differences among objects accordingly to the universal property (initial object [empty set]) of labour capacity L, the second preserving identities of object(s) A vis-a-vis M.
Li, "Deer antler regeneration: a stem cell-based epimorphic process," Birth Defects Research.
Salamanders, axolotls, and zebrafish respond to heart injury inducing a blastema tissue, as part of an epimorphic regeneration [77].
We then show that this condition is indeed fulfilled when X is the (protomodular) reflective subcategory of S-special objects of a Barr-exact S-protomodular category C, where S is the class of split epimorphic trivial extensions in C.
Epimorphic organ regeneration involves de novo development of appendages distal to the level of amputation (Goss, 1983).
Along the same line of thought, an input application graph is converted to an epimorphic equivalent graph based on the architecture constraints in [126].
The word regeneration covers several seemingly different phenomena such as the physiological regeneration in daily and seasonal cellular turnover; the reparative regeneration that includes epimorphic regeneration, tissue regeneration, and cellular regeneration; and the tissue hypertrophy caused by physiological demands or damage to internal organs (Carlson, 2007).
A new oddity from South Africa, seen at several dealerships around the show but most notably with Clive Queit (queit@icon.co.za), is the very rare calcium borosilicate oyelite, as chalky white coatings over, and epimorphic shells replacing, pseudocubic crystals of hydroxylapophyllite to 1.5 cm, from the N'Chwaning II mine, Kalahari manganese district, Northern Cape Province.