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 (ĕp′ə-no͝or′ē-əm, -nyo͝or′-)
n. pl. ep·i·neu·ri·a (-no͝or′ē-ə, -nyo͝or′-)
The thick sheath of connective tissue surrounding a nerve trunk.

[New Latin : epi- + Greek neuron, nerve, tendon; see neuron.]

ep′i·neu′ri·al adj.


n, pl -neuria (-ˈnjʊərɪə)
(Anatomy) a sheath of connective tissue around two or more bundles of nerve fibres
[C19: from New Latin, from epi- + Greek neuron nerve + -ium]
ˌepiˈneurial adj


(ˌɛp əˈnʊər i əm, -ˈnyʊər-)

n., pl. -neu•ri•a (-ˈnʊər i ə, -ˈnyʊər-)
the sheath of connective tissue surrounding a peripheral nerve trunk.
[1880–85; epi- + Greek neûr(on) sinew, nerve + -ium2]
ep`i•neu′ri•al, adj.
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The internal epineurium was seen surrounding CF1and this CF was absent in section A2 5 (Figure 3).
However, the connective tissue coverings namely the endoneurium, perineurium and epineurium remain intact to guide and redirect the growth of axonal buds during the regeneration process.
A peripheral nerve is composed of axon, myelin, endoneurium, fascicle, perineurium and epineurium. The individual myelinated axons and groups of unmyelinated axons are usually surrounded by the endoneurium.
The boundary trace was performed along the circumference of the nerve, excluding the hyperechoic epineurium. The diameters and CSA of the median nerve at the inlet of the tunnel (radioulnar joint level) (Figure 1), at the proximal tunnel (at the level of pisiform) (Figure 2), and at the outlet of the tunnel (at the level of hamate) (Figure 3), also volar bulging (VB: the farthest distance between the flexor retinaculum and an imaginary line tangent to the trapezium and hamate at the level of the distal carpal bones) were measured.
Finally, each of the fascicles surrounded by the perineurium is in turn surrounded by connective tissue along the entire length of the nerve, the epineurium, classified as either interfascicular or outer epineurium, which holds the contents of the peripheral nerves and connects the nerve to its neighboring structures.
The CSA is measured by the direct tracing through the inner margin of the epineurium. Cut off value of CSA at the inlet is taken as 10 mm2.
As the adipose tissue in epineurium is related to the amount of body fat, it might affect nerve conduction.[14] Our observations were similar to the findings of Buschbacher and Awang et al.
Fibrolipomatous hamartomas or neural fibrolipomas are benign fibrofatty tumors that arise from the epineurium, making these tumors difficult to resect (2).
The fascial sheaths (epineurium) of the sciatic nerve are continuous with the dura mater.
Briefly, the nerve was carefully freed from surrounding connective tissues and was fixed in its place by pinching the epineurium on its dorsal aspect.
Delayed clinical improvement prompted a biopsy and histopathological examination of the medial antebrachial nerve of the left forearm during the 7th week of illness which demonstrated an inflammatory neuropathy characterized by inflammatory changes in the endoneurium, perineurium, and epineurium. No evidence of vasculitis was observed.