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n. pl. e·piph·y·ses (-sēz′)
1. The end of a long bone that is originally separated from the main bone by a layer of cartilage but later becomes united to the main bone through ossification.

[Greek epiphusis, an excrescence : epi-, epi- + phusis, growth; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]

ep′i·phys′i·al (ĕp′ə-fĭz′ē-əl), ep′i·phys′e·al adj.
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Adj.1.epiphyseal - relating to the epiphysis of a bone


, epiphyseal
a. epifisiario-a, rel. a la epífisis.


adj epifisario
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Further to this, the small blood vessels enter posteriorly to the capitellar epiphysis and extend over the epiphyseal cartilage, which is a site of significant contact and compression.
Studies on the time frame for ossification of the medial clavicular epiphyseal cartilage in conventional radiography.
Morphometric characteristics of epiphyseal cartilage of the long tubular bones in albino rats at different period of postnatal development in normal animals and those whose mothers were exposed to lead acetate are presented in Tables 3 and 4.
There are two hypotheses for the preferred development of osteochondroma in the cervical vertebra suggested by Albrecht ET al (5), That the predominance of cervical lesions is caused by microtrauma inflicted on the epiphyseal cartilage, because of the greater mobility and flexibility of these vertebras.
The pathogenesis of rickets involves impaired mineralization of physeal and epiphyseal cartilage during endochondral ossification and newly formed osteoid (McCarthy and Frassica, 1998).
Beneficial effects of beta-Ecdysone on the joint, epiphyseal cartilage tissue and trabecular bone in ovariectomized rats.