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Of, relating to, or characterized by a sudden or abnormally destructive outbreak of a plant disease, usually over an extended geographic area.

ep′i·phy·tot′ic n.
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(Plant Pathology) (of plant diseases and parasites) affecting plants over a wide geographical region
[from epi- + -phyte + -otic]
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(ˌɛp ə faɪˈtɒt ɪk)

1. (of a disease) destroying a large number of plants in an area at the same time.
2. an epiphytotic disease.
[1895–1900; epi- + -phyte + -otic]
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Adj.1.epiphytotic - (of plants) epidemic among plants of a single kind especially over a wide area; "an epiphytotic blight of potatoes"; "epiphytotic conditions associated with a single-plant agriculture"
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
epidemic - (especially of medicine) of disease or anything resembling a disease; attacking or affecting many individuals in a community or a population simultaneously; "an epidemic outbreak of influenza"
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Thirty one wheat genotypes viz., Sonara 64, Utkalia, NI 5439, NIAW 301, PBW 12, HUW 213, Ajanta, NP 823, K8434, K9533, Sharbati Sonara, RAJ 4037, HP 1633, HPW 42 , K9351, Tawa, KRL, RW 346, HD 2643, HS 1097, NP 825, WH 291, HUW 12, PBW 226, NI 179, K9644, HD1925, PBW 65, PV 18, GW 5031 and Agra Local) were used for screening for stripe rust disease under natural epiphytotic conditions during rabi 2014-2015 at University Research Farm, Chatha (32[degrees] 43' N, 74[degrees] 54' E).
Parents and [F.sub.1] progenies (29 plants) were evaluated for resistance to SB under an induced epiphytotic created in the field at station, west of Damascus, Syria under rainfed conditions (500mm rainfall).
Yield losses due to CBB can reach up to 80-90% during high epiphytotic periods such as those reported in Zaire and Colombia (Lozano, 1986; Sanchez and Verdier, 1998; Ospina and Ceballos, 2002).
FC720, FC722, and FC722CMS also exhibited resistance to cercospora leaf spot when tested in an artificial epiphytotic (Ruppel and Gaskill, 1971).
These lines along with susceptible check (CM 202) were again grown during kharif-2014 under artificial epiphytotic condition to identify new sources of resistance against TLB.
When tested in Fort Collins, CO, and Rosemount, MN, in 2002 and 2003 for resistance to Cercospora leaf spot in an artificial epiphytotic (Ruppel and Gaskill, 1971), the scores were either intermediate (significantly more resistant than the susceptible check and significantly less resistant than the resistant check) or not significantly different from the resistant check.