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n. pl. e·pis·ta·ses (-sēz′)
1. An interaction between nonallelic genes in which the genotype at one locus affects the expression of alleles at another locus.
2. A film that forms over the surface of a urine specimen.
3. The suppression of a bodily discharge or secretion.

[Greek, stoppage, from epistanai, to stop, check : ep-, epi-, epi- + histanai, to place; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

ep′i·stat′ic (ĕp′ĭ-stăt′ĭk) adj.


1. (Medicine) obsolete scum on the surface of a liquid, esp on an old specimen of urine
2. (Medicine) med the arrest or checking of a bodily discharge, esp bleeding
3. (Genetics) genetics Also called: hypostasis the suppression by a gene of the effect of another gene that is not its allele
[C19: from Greek: a stopping, from ephistanai to stop, from epi- + histanai to put]
epistatic adj


(ɪˈpɪs tə sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
a form of interaction between nonallelic genes in which one combination of such genes has a dominant effect over other combinations.
[1915–20; probably after epistatic (1907) (probably epi- + static, taken as meaning “standing above”)]
ep•i•stat•ic (ˌɛp əˈstæt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.epistasis - the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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Epistasis for grain yield and plant traits in a tropical maize population
In addition, the grain yield under water-stressed conditions has been hampered by the low heritability, polygenic control, epistasis and significant genotype by-environment interaction (Piepho, 2000).
This shows average RF values outside the upper and lower resistance limits of the progenitors, suggesting the occurrence of an additional gene involved in the determination of resistance or presence of epistasis.
The digenic non-allelic epistasis of additive x dominance and dominance x dominance were considered the major contributors in the inheritance of days to anthesis in crosses PS- Pop-1-1-4 x BD- Pop-2-1-2 and PS- Pop-29-2-1 x BD- Pop-2-1-2.
Finally, we will map a series of gene-gene and gene-environment epistasis interactions including eight models of developmental plasticity and approximately a dozen chromatin regulator mutants.
Albinism, baldness, and red hair are examples of epistasis.
Sneezing and sanguinopurulent exudate was the most commonly observed signs; epistasis during excitement or handling was related to fragile nature of tumor.
Negative epistasis between the malaria-protective effects of alpha'-thalassemia and the sickle cell trait.
This repair mechanism is performed by a set of proteins, whose name was inspired by their requirement when it comes to repairing the lesions induced by ionizing radiation: the Rad52 epistasis group that includes Rad51, Rad52 and Rad54.
The theories of mutation count and synergistic epistasis that accelerate selection against deleterious mutations are falsified with realistic biological conditions.
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