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Adj.1.epistolatory - written in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence; "an endless sequence of epistolary love affairs"; "the epistolatory novel"
informal - used of spoken and written language
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Did it develop, for example, from the 18th-century innovation of the epistolatory novel, which dramatically expanded the capacity for empathy of its readers, enabling "humanity" to be imagined as a community to which one belonged?
(22) Soviet society in the 1950s was able to make its feelings known about penal policy in an "epistolatory outcry" prompted by the tattoos, verbal outbursts, criminality, and contagion of returning prisoners.
To grasp this sexualized topography, it is useful first to turn to Forster's private "letter" to Mohammed el Adi, an unusual epistolatory text written over the course of seven years between 1922 and 1929 following el Adi's untimely death from tuberculosis.
The Terry-Shaw correspondence, an epistolatory love affair, loses much of its heat when Shaw courts and then becomes engaged to Charlotte Payne-Townsend.
He argues that there are plenty of hints in the written record of "actors employing assembly, persuasive speech, public acts, epistolatory or intelligence networks to forge social movements" (or factions, p.
She singles out the unlikely affinity, noted by Cicero and Aristotle, between epistolary composition (which depends on the particular addressee) and the proverb, or adage (which is common to all), and goes on to show, 'how much Erasmus owes to antiquity in both for his understanding of the letter as an intimate communication and for his reliance on proverbs, although seemingly antithetical to epistolatory composition, to achieve this intimacy'.