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Elizabeth Hodgson offers readings of Philips's epithalamia in "Katherine Philips at the Wedding" (187-211), and Linda Phyllis Austern produces a wonderfully rounded account of the relationship between Philips and the musical culture of her day.
Quotations from the Elegies, epithalamia, and Holy Sonnets are from their respective Variorum editions.
Like the epithalamia that Puttenham describes, Spenser's wedding song is more interested in consummation than ceremony.
Her mother, in fact, commissioned Burne-Jones to paint Zambaco in the nude as Venus Epithalamia as a wedding present for Zambaco's best friend, Marie Spartali, and displayed a copy of it in her own drawing room.
Poetry, politics and promises of empire; prophetic rhetoric in the English and neo-Latin Epithalamia on the occasion of the Palatine marriage in 1613.
Hence Ovid is here referring to one of Catullus's epithalamia, specifically recalling a passage that Catullus has adapted from Sappho, who is in turn Sulpicia's model about poetic writing and erotic conquest.
Halevi wrote many brilliant panegyrics, love, wine, nature, and riddle poems, elegies, and epithalamia, as well as a great deal of moving liturgical poetry.
These songs fall into a number of types: epithalamia (wedding songs), hymns or prayers to certain deities (especially Aphrodite), songs about members of her family, a possible epic, and songs about parthenoi.
His Epithalamia or Nuptiall Poems, while full of praise for the 'Most Vertuous, Gracious and Thrice Excellent Princesse, Elizabeth', is interesting on several counts.
Topical editions can now easily be compiled when it is possible to find every text of every Tudor poem in a given genre, from epithalamia to riddles, from ballads to verse epistles, in a matter of minutes.
The new statutes accorded prose a higher priority than poetry, particularly condemning occasional verse (especially epithalamia in honour of 'Hinz und Kunz', which would now be banned), hence now the change of name from 'Teutschubende Poetische Gesellschaft' to 'Deutsche Gesellschaft', a name deliberately calqued on 'Academie Francaise'.
epithalamia, aside from Marvell's "Upon Appleton House") and figures (e.