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 (ĕp′ə-thē′lē-ə-līz′) or ep·i·the·lize (-thē′līz)
v. ep·i·the·li·al·ized, ep·i·the·li·al·iz·ing, ep·i·the·li·al·iz·es or ep·i·the·lized or ep·i·the·liz·ing or ep·i·the·liz·es
To cover (a wound, for example) with epithelial tissue.
To become covered with epithelial tissue.

ep′i·the′li·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.




(Anatomy) to cover or be covered with epithelial tissue. Also: epithelize or epithelise
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Furthermore, skin wounds treated with fraction C presented a better healing than wounds treated with fraction D; in fact, they appear to epithelialize faster and the rate of wound contraction is higher as compared to wounds treated with fraction D, where macrophages, fibroblasts and neovasculature in the granulation tissue still coexist 7 days after wounding.
However, when growth factor is used to cover the wound and promote healing, a skin graft can be performed or the wound can be permitted to epithelialize naturally.
It makes sense to me that if collagen is the key component of skin and we are trying to get a wound to epithelialize with skin, that we should definitely be using a collagen product like Cellerate," states Dr.