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Adj.1.epitheliod - resembling epithelium; "epithelial tissue"
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28,29) Inflammation is followed by the formation of loose nonnecrotizing epitheliod cell granulomas in the bronchiolar wall and alveolar ducts.
M Pulimood et al have reported that on mucosal biopsy, in addition to AFB detection, large granuloma, >four sites of granulomatous inflammation, caseation, band of epitheliod histiocytes in ulcer base and granulomatous inflammation in caecum in favour of diagnosis of TB; whereas non caseating granuloma, mucosal changes distant to sites with granuloma, focal crypt related inflammation and granuloma in sigmoid or rectum in favour of diagnosis of CD.
Pure epitheliod perivascular epitheloid cell tumor (epitheliod angiomyolipoma) of kidney: Case report and literature review.
It has been observed that in tuberculoid leprosy, T cells breach the perineurium, and destruction of Schwann cells and axons may be evident, resulting in fibrosis of the epineurium, replacement of the endoneurium with epitheliod granulomas, and occasionally caseous necrosis.
1 Furthermore, the lesion is unrelated to granulomatous inflammation, which is characterized by predominance of activated macrophages with epitheliod appearance.
The tumor cells may be epitheliod, spindled, and occasionally rhabdoid with frequent mitoses and necrosis.
HISTOPATHOLOGICAL RESULT: Biopsy specimen showed normal epidermis and sufficient proliferation of large, pleomorphic epitheliod histiocytic cell with large cytoplasm within the upper and mid dermis without epidermotropism.
These lesions are generally benign except for the rare epitheliod subtype.
That could be granuloma like proliferation of epitheliod and multi nucleated giant cells.
2) Calretinin has the highest sensitivity for malignant epitheliod mesothelioma.