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n. epitímpano, porción superior del tímpano.
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Intraoperatively, a tumor was found to occupy the entire epitympanum and mesotympanum with extension into the hypotympanum.
Aeration of the temporal bone was also evaluated by preoperative CT scan and divided into the following four categories: the mastoid air cells, the epitympanum, the mesotympanum, and non-aerated.
In early stages, it was used to provide information regarding pathology in the epitympanum, mesotympanum and mastoid antrum and to check the assessment of ossicular chain mobility.
An urgent computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain and temporal bones was requested, revealing an opacified middle ear and epitympanum.
Congenital cholesteatoma originate from embryonic epithelial remains, tend to occur in the anterior tympanic cavity, proximal to the epitympanum or stapes8.
Pars flaccida cholesteatomas are the most common and begin along the pars flaccida, grow into the epitympanum in Prussak's space (attic cholesteatomas), lateral to the ossicular chain.
HRCT provided useful information for cholesteatoma operating surgeon as degree of ventilation/opacification of middle ear cleft from the Eustachian tube to the mastoid tip, erosion of ossicular chain, access to the epitympanum as determined by the level of the dura laterally, development/cellularity/ sclerosis of the mastoid cortex, dehiscence of the tegmen, erosion of the labyrinth, especially the lateral semicircular canal and status of the facial nerve.
1) that had engulfed the epitympanum with extrusion through the aditus ad antrum into the mastoid air cells.
HRCT temporal bone showed soft tissue attenuation mass in the left epitympanum and mesotympanum, superomedially over the round window niche and oval window.
Subsequent MRI and computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a destructive right petrous apex lesion with extension into the carotid canal and the medial epitympanum up to the Meckel cave.