epizootiology, epizootology

the science concerned with the factors involved in the occurrence and spread of animal diseases. — epizootiologic, epizootiological, adj.
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Theoretical and practical training of heads and chief epizootology specialists of all regional offices of the NADIS system were held," the Minister said.
The long-term endemicity of influenza (H5N1) virus in poultry in Egypt has generated substantial viral genetic and antigenic diversity, as has been seen in other areas (1-3), yet the ecology and epizootology of the virus in the various poultry sectors remains unknown.
Beetle mites of the superfamily Ceratozetoidea (their morphology, biology, systematics and role in the epizootology of anoplocephalatoses).
Epizootology of the disease caused by the oyster pathogen Perkinsus marinus and its effects on the oyster industry.