epoetin alfa

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e·po·e·tin al·fa

 (ĭ-pō′ĭ-tĭn ăl′fə)
A recombinant preparation of human erythropoietin used to treat some forms of anemia.

[e(rythro)po(i)etin + alteration of alpha.]

epoetin alfa

n epoetina alfa
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Electronic Auction: Supply of medicinal product for medical use for 2018: Epoetin Alfa in favor of citizens for the purpose of their social security at the expense of the federal budget.
In that, the FDA had come to a conclusion that the proposed biosimilar epoetin alfa has a lot of similarities to its reference candidates Epogen and Procrit (epoetin alfa).
The CHOIR study enrolled 1,432 CKD Stage 3-4 patients who were randomized to Hb targets of 135 g/L and 113 g/L using epoetin alfa.
Darbepoetin alfa, marketed as Arandesp, and epoetin alfa, marketed as Epogen o and Procrit, are the ESAs approved in the United States; they are administered as often as one to three times per week.
Can the administration of intravenous ascorbic acid improve the response to epoetin alfa in patients on hemodialysis?
Binocrit (Sandoz GMbH, Holzkirchen, Germany), also marketed as Epoetin alfa Hexal (Hexal Biotech Forschungs GmbH, Holzkirchen, Germany), and Abseamed (Medice Arzneimittel Putter GMBH & Co, Iserlohn, Germany), are biosimilar to Eprex.
A greater mortality rate in patients treated with epoetin alfa in a German study evaluating the drug's potential neuroprotective effects in stroke patients is the subject of an ongoing Food and Drug Administration safety review.
Amgen manufactures the three ESAs currently marketed in the United States, two epoetin alfa products (Procrit and Epogen) and darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp).
MIRCERA is the only drug to have compared itself in its registration program to three ESAs: epoetin alfa, beta and darbepoetin alfa.
EPO--marketed as epoetin alfa and darbepoetin alfa--has been shown to improve anemia, alleviate its symptoms and improve quality of life.
Trials have demonstrated that injecting epoetin alfa, a form of erythropoietin, improves brain function and quality of life in these people.