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Derivation of a name of a city, country, era, institution, or other place or thing from that of a person.


the derivation of names of places, etc, from those of persons


(əˈpɒn ə mi)

the derivation of names from eponyms.
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Noun1.eponymy - the derivation of a general name from that of a famous person
derivation - (descriptive linguistics) the process whereby new words are formed from existing words or bases by affixation; "`singer' from `sing' or `undo' from `do' are examples of derivations"
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Fundamental to all of these is the eponymy of the Internet Protocol (IP) address allocated by ISPs (Internet Service Provider).
94) was composed in "the eponymy of NabQ-belu-usur [sic], governor of Dur-Sharruken" (1.
One of the most insightful laws relates to the naming of laws and that is Stigler's Law of Eponymy, which states that no scientific discovery is named after is original discoverer.
1978, "Common Properties and Eponymy in Plato", The Philosophical Quarterly, vol.
Cheng is moving from the East Village to 466 Bergen Street, formerly Eponymy.
The intention of our research is to individualize a core of literary characters, themes and places with a sense--to which to add, by extending the investigation are, others that are built on similar patterns, to provide an archive of eponymy in Romanian literature from which to build a dictionary (alphabetically).
However, eponymy is no longer in fashion in this part of the forest.
670 says that the three brothers came from Greece (differently from "Sextius", according to whom they were born in Italy), justifies likewise the city's eponymy with the older age of Tibur/Tiburnus, and says that other cities were founded by the other brothers (his note ad Aen.
2) See for instance, Thomas Wheaton Bestor, "Common Properties and Eponymy in Plato," Philosophical Quarterly 23 (1978): 189-207.
Nevertheless [Sacher-]Masoch's continuing fame is not as a philosemite or plagiarist, but for his personal and literary eponymy.
134) Trademark cases also distinguish "closely held mark" situations from inadvertent eponymy.
Ehyeh asher Ehyeh is not only a name, it is a sine qua non of functional eponymy.