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1. Epic poetry, especially as a literary genre.
2. An epic poem.

[French épopée, from Greek epopoiiā : epos, song, word; see wekw- in Indo-European roots + poiein, to make; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɛpəʊˌpiː; French epɔpe) or


1. (Poetry) an epic poem
2. (Poetry) epic poetry in general
[C17: from French épopée, from Greek epopoiia, from epos + poiein to make]


(ˈɛp əˌpi, ˌɛp əˈpi)

1. an epic.
2. epic poetry.
[1690–1700; < French épopée < Greek epopoiía=épo(s) epos + poi(eîn) to make]
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Dvorak is unable to surpass these; we find only the eight-letter PEEKAPOO, JIPIJAPA, and EPOPOEIA.
Solo tre anni dopo lo scritto di Trissino, Maggi, commentando le parole di Aristotele, faceva esattamente la stessa osservazione: "Philosophus nihil prorsus dixerit de genere ac actionis natura quam epopoeia debet imitari, cure in tragoedia admonuerit illam scilicet circa actionem seriam atque gravem versari oportere.
ay Ape grAAl sundAE champAGne dAHlia Aid campAIGn strAIGHt bordelAIS bordelAISE trAIT RALph hALFpenny gAOl gAUge sAY bAYEd clAYEY suEde yEA CrEAGH LEAHEy passpiED purEE thEGn EH vEIl rEIGn slEIGH wEIGHEd PompEII bris-solEIL metiER demESne berET valETEd entremETS ricochETTEd thEY obEYEd EYOt rendEZvous pince-nEZEd [feng] shuI lingeriE, mouILLE fOEHn epopOEIa communiqUE bouqUET croqUETEd grYsbok