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1. A number of poems, not formally united, that treat an epic theme.
2. An epic.

[Latin, from Greek; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Poetry) a body of poetry in which the tradition of a people is conveyed, esp a group of poems concerned with a common epic theme
2. (Poetry) another word for epic1
[C19: via Latin from Greek: speech, word, epic poem, song; related to Latin vōx voice]


n acronym for
(Commerce) electronic point of sale


(ˈɛp ɒs)

1. an epic.
2. epic poetry.
3. a group of poems, transmitted orally, concerned with parts of a common epic theme.
4. a series of events suitable for treatment in epic poetry.
[1825–35; < Latin < Greek épos speech, tale, song]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.epos - a body of poetry that conveys the traditions of a society by treating some epic theme
poesy, poetry, verse - literature in metrical form
2.epos - a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds
poem, verse form - a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
chanson de geste - Old French epic poems
rhapsody - an epic poem adapted for recitation
heroic, heroic meter, heroic verse - a verse form suited to the treatment of heroic or elevated themes; dactylic hexameter or iambic pentameter


abbr of electronic point of saleelektronisches Kassenterminal
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She found her epos in the reform of a religious order.
First, it is likely that before the rise of the Ionian epos there existed in Boeotia a purely popular and indigenous poetry of a crude form: it comprised, we may suppose, versified proverbs and precepts relating to life in general, agricultural maxims, weather-lore, and the like.
To a people of this nature the Homeric epos would be inacceptable, and the post-Homeric epic, with its conventional atmosphere, its trite and hackneyed diction, and its insincere sentiment, would be anathema.
The EPOS project spans 48 months and its structure builds on activities that ensure the project challenge is addressed in an optimal way, including cross-sectorial key performance indicators, sector profiles and cross-sector markets, IS toolbox development, training and validation of the (simple and single) IS management tool in 5 clusters strategically located throughout EU (i.
Based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, it will supply Pathfinder with a new generation Epos system which will be rolled out across the company's estate of 550 pubs.
Linkwell Telesystems Develops Visiontek 91 ePOS Terminal 91
Torex has supplied EPoS to an estimated 4,000 independents and many use older DOS-based software.
Crepeaffaire, the sweet and savoury crepe concept headquartered out of London, UK has chosen Givex's Vexilor EPOS for their London locations.
Infinity EPoS will be taking on more staff as the business continues to grow nationwide.
Paradigm Epos presents an agile, distributed database that removes the constraints and data duplication requirements of legacy systems.
Objective of this call is to gain appropriate and effective service for each lot, which is the common EPOS 2.
Retailers want to add value, not hassle, to their EPOS environment, so we'll be talking to all of our customers and partners about how they can combine the benefits of transaction and communications technologies.