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 (ĕk′wə-bəl, ē′kwə-)
1. Unvarying; steady: "In the equable equatorial zone there is no such struggle against the climate" (David Campbell).
2. Not easily disturbed; serene: an equable temper.

[Latin aequābilis, from aequāre, to make even, from aequus, even, level.]

eq′ua·bil′i·ty, eq′ua·ble·ness n.
eq′ua·bly adv.
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A remarkable fact, characteristic of the country west of the Rocky Mountains, is the mildness and equability of the climate.
Crimsworth, that gentleman, who himself frequented no place of worship, and owned no God but Mammon, turned the information into a weapon of attack against the equability of my temper.
His delightful equability of temper made many persons say,--
A few days ago, a lady complimented him on his good humor, and the charming equability of his nature.
Pielou equability index (H logS-1), where H corresponds to the Shannon index, n is the total number of individuals in the community and S is the total number of species found in each management system.
Organizing comprehensive and effective equability managed systems of government should be seasoned in regions and pursued to converse biodiversity and make certain a sustainable future for fishing industry.
We estimated the values of the structural attributes of the soil community: total density (D) and density of the taxonomic groups ([m.sup.-2] individuals), total richness or number of the taxonomic groups (S), equability (U, Pielou index) and diversity (H', Shannon index) (Odum, 1988).
Unilateral VA dominance was found in 15 patients and VA equability in the others.
The dominance theory can integrate several rankings into a compressive ranking according to propositions like equability, transitivity and domination, and so forth.
To calculate the phytosociological parameters (Density, Frequency, Dominance and Importance Value Index-IVI), Shannon Diversity Index (H') and equability (J') (Pielou, 1975) were used the software Fitopac 1 (Shepherd, 1996).