equal sign

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equal sign

The symbol (=) used to indicate logical or mathematical equality.

equal sign


equals sign

(Mathematics) the symbol =, used to indicate a mathematical equality

e′qual sign`

or e′quals sign`,

the symbol (=) used, esp. in a mathematical or logical expression, to indicate that the terms it separates are equal.
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Noun1.equal sign - a sign indicating that the quantities on either side are equal
sign - a character indicating a relation between quantities; "don't forget the minus sign"
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Also, I have found a number of high school students, of majority and minority, who get their physics and chemistry wrong not because they do not know how to do the problem correctly, but because they do not know their fractions, decimals and long division properly to obtain the right answer on the other sign of the equal sign.
Students often interpret the equal sign as a "to do"sign--as it is on a calculator--instead of an "is equal to"sign (Carraher & Schliemann, 2007).
Depending on how it is used, a formula may need to be prefaced with equal sign (=), just as an Excel formula.
I examine this logic as a way of reasoning about and establishing what is equal, equivalent, and different through the use of the equal sign (=) in the curriculum.
A core understanding critical to student success in algebra is that the equal sign represents a relation between two equivalent quantities.
To be consistent with the lift equation, if one factor on the right side of the equal sign increases, then another factor must decrease proportionately.
The first stage is arithmetic competence: the capacity to operate numerically and the understanding of operational laws and relational meaning of the equal sign in standard equations (i.
If toll/tribute money can promote liberal socialism then all political groups must have equal sign time.
Miley, a former Disney child star, has an equal sign tattoo on her finger to show her support for gay rights.
The symbol mocked an image, created by the Human Rights Campaign (a gay rights group), that depicts an equal sign on a red square.
The logo before that was very different; it was a "C" with an equal sign.
It helps users solve equations step-by-step by picking up a term and dragging it to the other side of the equal sign to solve problems one step at a time.