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v. e·qual·ized, e·qual·iz·ing, e·qual·iz·es
1. To make equal: equalized the responsibilities of the staff members.
2. To make uniform.
To constitute or induce equality, equilibrium, or balance.

e′qual·i·za′tion (ē′kwə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.equalization - the act of making equal or uniform
human action, human activity, act, deed - something that people do or cause to happen
balancing, reconciliation - getting two things to correspond; "the reconciliation of his checkbook and the bank statement"
equating, equation - the act of regarding as equal


A. Nigualización f (Fin) → compensación f
B. CPD equalization account Ncuenta f de compensación
equalization fund Nfondo m de compensación
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Contract notice: Preparation of an expert report on the needs-based further development of municipal financial equalization in schleswig-holstein
Blind Equalization in Neural Networks: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
In response to this, many employers have tax equalization policies in place that ensure expatriates are made tax-neutral (i.
Contrast enhancement with histogram equalization is one of the most important and widely used techniques of DIP.
Erol Rizaov analyzes for Utrinski vesnik that in the last few years, the equalization in Macedonia has obtained concerning dimensions and it is closer to the once firm eastern regimes than to the Yugoslav leveling of the salaries.
Total amount of equalization grants to make around 1.
Channel equalization for wireless communications; from concepts to detailed mathematics.
The histogram equalization technique, which flattens the density distribution of the image is the most popular method due to its effectiveness and simplicity [1][2][3][4][5][6][7].
Equalization requires us to actively contract muscles in the ear to send air through the auditory or eustachian tube to the internal eardrum.
Premier Lorne Calvert, backed by federal NDP leader Jack Layton, insists Stephen Harper has broken an election promise to Saskatchewan--a promise to exclude natural-resource revenues from the formula that determines which provinces are "have-not" provinces eligible for federal equalization payments.
I have been working on equalization for 19 years,'' college President Dianne Van Hook said.
It seems that at the present time, Ontario does provide a net subsidy to the north of about $1,026 per capita, which Manitoba may not be able to pick up without a federal equalization payment.