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v. e·quat·ed, e·quat·ing, e·quates
1. To make equal or equivalent.
2. To reduce to a standard or an average; equalize.
3. To consider, treat, or depict as equal or equivalent: equates inexperience with youth.
1. To be or seem to be equal; correspond.
2. To result in: feared that high taxes would equate to a sluggish economy.

[Middle English equaten, from Latin aequāre, aequāt-, from aequus, even, equal.]
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Noun1.equating - the act of regarding as equal
equalisation, equalization, leveling - the act of making equal or uniform
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DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang today denied equating Islam with kleptocracy via a media statement he had made recently.
This study, by using empirical data from a large-scale state assessment program, was interested in investigates the effects of using different models on equating results under the non-equivalent group anchor-test (NEAT) design.
The "single group with nearly equivalent tests" (SiGNET) design proposed here was developed to address the problem of equating scores on multiple-choice test forms with very small single-administration samples.