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n. pl. eq·uer·ries
1. A personal attendant to the British royal household.
2. An officer charged with supervision of the horses belonging to a royal or noble household.

[French écurie, stable, from Old French escurie, from escuier, squire; see squire.]


(ˈɛkwərɪ; at the British court ɪˈkwɛrɪ)
n, pl -ries
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an officer attendant upon the British sovereign
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly) an officer in a royal household responsible for the horses
[C16: alteration (through influence of Latin equus horse) of earlier escuirie, from Old French: stable, group of squires, from escuyer squire]


(ˈɛk wə ri, ɪˈkwɛr i)

n., pl. -ries.
1. an officer of a royal or similar household, charged with the care of the horses.
2. an officer of the British royal household who attends the sovereign or other member of the royal family.
[1520–30; alter. (influenced by Latin equus horse) of earlier esquiry, escuirie < Middle French escuirie stable, squires]
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Noun1.equerry - an official charged with the care of the horses of princes or nobles
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
2.equerry - a personal attendant of the British royal family
attendant, attender, tender - someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another


[ˈekwərɪ] Ncaballerizo m del rey


n (= personal attendant)persönlicher Diener (eines Mitgliedes der königlichen Familie); (in charge of horses) → königlicher Stallmeister
References in classic literature ?
He waited till he saw her in the act of stepping ashore, when, suddenly swooping down, he carried her off before her equerry in attendance had advanced to offer her his hand.
and even if it be necessary, I will make him go behind me like a nobleman's equerry.
I asked why this man did not join the other man, instead of always going behind him; they answered me that he was his equerry, and that it was the custom with nobles to have such persons behind them, and ever since then I know it, for I have never forgotten it.
As well as you do, gentlemen; for I was among those who seized him in the garden at Amiens, into which Monsieur Putange, the queen's equerry, introduced me.
Jehan de Harlay, equerry guardian of the office of chevalier of the night watch of the city of Paris
And taking from his pocket a golden whistle, such as was generally used at that time for summoning the servants, he sounded it with a shrill and prolonged call, on which an equerry on horseback speedily made his appearance, leading another horse by the bridle.
She'd get there before me and sit down next to an equerry and I always got the somebody who was rather difficult.
These are namely Charles Gray, the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, and Wing Commander Andy Calame, the Queen's equerry.
Which member of the royal family married Timothy Laurence, the Queen's Equerry, in 1989?
Alun Davies, from Cardiff - a former equerry to Prince Charles - will follow in commando Jan Baalsrud's footsteps.
THE Prince of Wales has appointed his first ever female equerry, Clarence House said today.
The 1988 avalanche killed Major Lindsay, a former Queen's equerry, and badly injured the mother of socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Patti, as the pair skied off-piste with Charles and his guide Bruno Sprecher.