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A woman who rides a horse or performs on horseback.

[equestr(ian) + -ienne, feminine suff. (from French, feminine of -ien, -ian).]


(Professions) a female rider on horseback, esp one in a circus who performs acrobatics


(ɪˌkwɛs triˈɛn)

a woman who rides horses.
usage: See -enne.
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Other past winners include swimmer Quah Ting Wen (2009), the national women's table tennis team (2010), badminton player Fu Mingtian (2011), para equestrienne Laurentia Tan (2012), footballer Safuwan Baharudin (2013), swimmer Joseph Schooling (2014, 2016) and para swimmer Yip Pin Xiu (2015).
Society watchers and the polo community noticed that the equestrienne and former World Cup champion Michelle Cojuangco-Barrera was absent.
An accomplished equestrienne, this beautiful young lady juggles her studies and her sport quite successfully as she has been bringing home medals every time much to the delight of her doting parents.
In the evening, the Bratislava-based Divadlo Bez Domova (Theatre of the Homeless) will bring a staged reading from the book The Equestrienne by Kovalyk.
In addition to a full roster of Division II sports programs, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball, and track, it also touts an equestrienne team, a skeet shooting team, and an archery team.
Her father was a stockbroker and her mother was an equestrienne of Irish Catholic heritage, (https://www.
A few weeks ago while hiking a trail in a somewhat remote area, I witnessed an equestrienne astride her steed conversing via a cell phone--one of the more jarring incongruities I've experienced.
Born into poverty in the late nineteenth century, Agnes worked from a young age, took care of her three younger siblings, and refined her skills as a hunter, gatherer, and equestrienne.
Since she was really interested in horses, she became an expert equestrienne.
Colorfully illustrated by Kerr, an artist and equestrienne, the book tells the authentic story of the Banker Colonial Spanish Mustangs through the eyes of Croatoan, a famous stallion that was "King" of a herd of horses that roam the beaches.
Arroyo left behind three daughters -- Maoi an academic-technopreneur; Baba, an artiste; and his namesake, an equestrienne who took part in international competitions.
The accomplished equestrienne specializes in ranches, horse properties and beachfront estates in Santa Barbara, Montecito and the Santa Ynez Valley.