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 (ē′kwē-ăng′gyə-lər, ĕk′wē-)
Having all angles equal.


(Mathematics) having all angles equal


(ˌi kwiˈæŋ gyə lər, ˌɛk wi-)

having all the angles equal.
e`qui•an`gu•lar′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.equiangular - having all angles equal
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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FGM2008 is a spherical harmonic model of the Earth's gravitational potential, developed by a least squares combination of the ITG-GRACE03S gravitational model and its associated error covariance matrix, with the gravitational information obtained from a global set of area-mean free-air gravity anomalies defined on a 5 arc-minute equiangular grid (Pavlis et al.
The authors attempted to optimize the dictionary to make the corresponding Gram matrix approximate to the Gram of an equiangular tight frame (ETF), which possesses good coherence behavior.
This a-conceptuality must be proven; it must be questioned and founded--exactly like the fact that an equilateral triangle is also equiangular is proven neither by the empirical evaluation nor by a third position (a teacher), but rather by a demonstration.
Dispersive or non-dispersive antennas have been commonly used for GPR systems, such as dipole antenna, Bow-tie antenna, TEM horn antenna, Vivaldi or tapered slot antenna (TSA), and equiangular spiral antenna [2].
Bernoulli was partial to the logarithmic or equiangular spiral, which spreads out as it travels outward, like a nautilus shell.
The slot shape selected was a self-complementary, two-slot, equiangular spiral.
In [7], a square ground plane of size 60 mm x 40 mm with a circular slot excited by an equiangular tapered feedline was presented.
If the reference happens to be a terrestrial light source, keeping a constant angle would result in an equiangular spiral path towards the light source.
A] is the current solution, and algorithm moves toward the equiangular vectors [u.
Munteanu [5] showed that they can be constructed by using an arbitrary curve on the sphere S2 or an equiangular spiral.
Flow Through Equiangular Wide Angle Annular Diffusers", 15th NCFMFP, Srinagar, July, 1987.
Therefore triangles which are equiangular are also congruent: a fifth condition of congruency (A.