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 (ē′kwē-ăng′gyə-lər, ĕk′wē-)
Having all angles equal.
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(Mathematics) having all angles equal
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(ˌi kwiˈæŋ gyə lər, ˌɛk wi-)

having all the angles equal.
e`qui•an`gu•lar′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.equiangular - having all angles equal
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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Como descreveu Jonckheere (2004), lentes com uma perfeita projecao equiangular, isto e, com 180[degrees] de campo de visao, resultam em uma imagem circular que mostra uma visao completa do ceu em todas as direcoes, com o zenite no centro e o horizonte nas bordas da imagem.
Other easy-to-fabricate designs involve equiangular geometries [4] with tapering and meandering the spiral at its ends [5].
Currently, in many locations, beam angle selection for IMRT treatment planning is done simply by choosing equiangular spaced beams or through time-consuming trial and error based on the experience of the treatment planners.
In another direction, we consider the space of n-tuples of equiangular unit vectors in [R.sup.3].
A biological navigation algorithm known as equiangular navigation guidance (ENG) law approach accompanied with the use of local obstacle avoidance techniques using sensors was employed in [13] to plan the motion of a robot to avoid obstacles in complex environment with many obstacles.
Guo et al., "Equiangular hexagon-shape controlled synthesis of graphene on copper surface," Advanced Materials, vol.
Upon ending the process, this program generates a file with the .IBL extension ready to be imported to a CAD program, said computational code is based on the equiangular spiral where programming of said codes helps to reduce design time and improve its precision [10], [11].
By using random vectors in the corresponding level sets of the Rayleigh quotient [mu](*) and additionally by using equiangular vectors (with respect to spherical coordinates) from the invariant subspace associated with [[mu].sub.i], [[mu].sub.i+1], [[mu].sub.[xi]], and [[mu].sub.m], we compute numerical upper bounds of ([[[mu].sub.i] - [[mu].sub.([??])]/[mu]([??]) - [[mu].sub.i+1]]) [([[[mu].sub.i] - [mu](y)/[mu](y) - [[mu].sub.i+1]]).sup.-1] and compare them with the new estimated bound [[q([[mu].sub.i])].sup.-2] and the known Chebyshev bound [[[T.sub.2](1 + [2[gamma].sub.i])].sup.-2] based on [8] and [19]; see Figure 3.2.
By using gradient iteration process, Xu et al.'s algorithm [15] first shrinks and updates elements in Gram matrix with Equiangular Tight Frame (ETF).
When improved-LARS algorithm calculated the equiangular vector, we distinguish the effect resulting from different attribute variable, considering joint correlation between regression variables and surplus variable.
FGM2008 is a spherical harmonic model of the Earth's gravitational potential, developed by a least squares combination of the ITG-GRACE03S gravitational model and its associated error covariance matrix, with the gravitational information obtained from a global set of area-mean free-air gravity anomalies defined on a 5 arc-minute equiangular grid (Pavlis et al., 2012).