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 (ē′kwĭ-dĭs′tənt, ĕk′wĭ-)
Equally distant.

e′qui·dis′tance (-təns) n.
e′qui·dis′tant·ly adv.
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In general, the profession of journalist is shaped around the collection and dissemination of information in the name of objectivity and equidistance.
Samuels correctly states that public attitudes favored a passive stance over an active stance, with a policy of alignment with the United States over a policy of equidistance between the United States and the Soviet Union, political dependence over a policy of autonomy, and minimal rather than extensive military spending.
"Equidistance" is official Nepali policy, but until recently working with Beijing was a pose to irritate the Indians, and not a genuine policy alternative.
Iran, he observes, "is in many ways an ideal connecting bridge that has not until now fully exploited its advantageous equidistance from India and Europe.
Iran is in many ways an ideal connecting bridge which has not properly exploited its "equidistance" from India and Europe.
Physically reminiscent of a Victorian cyclorama, The O2 Memory Project is a 10 foot high cylinder with 11 cameras placed equidistance around its perimeter.
The precision (accuracy) the relief forms are rendered within a topographical map is mainly determined by the density (equidistance) of the contour lines.
There are two primitive geometrical (that is non-logical) notions: the ternary relation B of "soft betweenness" and quaternary relation [equivalent to] of "equidistance" or "congruence of segments".
I MUST confess I have a weakness for Highbury Road, Kings Heath: its near equidistance between Kings Heath Park and Highbury Park make it a sylvan address and the road is quiet and neighbourly, occupied by families.
In part the dispute arises from the fact that UNCLOS essentially imported existing international law related to the continental shelf without also incorporating the pre-UNCLOS maritime delimitation standard based on equidistance. (15) Alongside it, UNCLOS set new law governing the creation of exclusive economic zones--that is, the waters above the continental shelf extending to two hundred nautical miles from the shoreline--stating only that "an equitable solution" should be achieved in delimiting maritime boundaries for both the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone.
Almost alone in the region, Syria has learned the lesson of religious tolerance and secular equidistance in ways that its neighbours - Iran, Saudi - cannot begin to imagine.