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Noun1.equidistribution - a flat distribution having equal frequencies of occurrence
distribution, statistical distribution - (statistics) an arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence
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Therefore, the PCI value is based on the fraction of S and the surface area of the lower triangle delimited by the equidistribution line [13].
According to Figures 3 and 4, the complete deformation and slip process of simulated fault obviously can be divided into three stages and be defined and concluded in sequence as follows: (1) compaction and equidistribution stage during sliding; (2) stable sliding; and (3) stick-slip instability stage.
The second limit has been evaluated by invoking Weyl's equidistribution theorem (see [13, 14]).
Thus, equidistribution can be used to describe the proportion of aircraft in the areas affected by thunderstorms.
The study of such averages of unitary operators has first been carried out in [BM11], where an ergodic theorem is proved, in the context of the action of the fundamental group of a compact negatively curved manifold on its universal cover, using an equidistribution result due to Margulis.
In fact, as [mathematical expression not reproducible], we can observe an equidistribution of the solution gradient [absolute value of [S.sub.x](x)] in the range-discrete grid.
Equations (4) and (5) also satisfy the equidistribution principle and alignment principle on moving mesh, which means that, under the metric tensor M, each element has the same numerical error and is similar to a reference element [??]; the reference element [??] is uniform.
The probability model is the equidistribution on all input sequences of a fixed length k.
The equitability indices or equidistribution (E) is the ratio of the diversity calculated with the maximum diversity
Omitting the details of the argument, MT has a long period of [2.sup.19937]-1, with a 623 dimensional equidistribution up to 32-bit accuracy.
The parameters used to analyze the structure of bird communities were: Richness (S), Abundance (N), Density Index (ID--individuals / hour), Shannon-Wienner (H'), Equidistribution (E), and Jaccard similarity index (ISJ).