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v. e·quil·i·brat·ed, e·quil·i·brat·ing, e·quil·i·brates
To be in or bring about equilibrium.
To maintain in or bring into equilibrium.

e·quil′i·bra′tion n.
e·quil′i·bra·to′ry (-brə-tôr′ē) adj.
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(ˌiːkwɪˈlaɪbreɪt; ɪˈkwɪlɪˌbreɪt)
to bring to or be in equilibrium; balance
[C17: from Late Latin aequilībrāre, from aequilībris in balance; see equilibrium]
equilibration n
equilibrator n
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(ɪˈkwɪl əˌbreɪt, ˌi kwəˈlaɪ breɪt, ˌɛk wə-)

v. -brat•ed, -brat•ing. v.t.
1. to balance equally; keep in equipoise or equilibrium.
2. to be in equilibrium with; counterpoise.
3. to be in equilibrium; balance.
[1625–35; < Late Latin]
e•quil`i•bra′tion, n.
e•quil′i•bra`tor, n.
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Past participle: equilibrated
Gerund: equilibrating

I equilibrate
you equilibrate
he/she/it equilibrates
we equilibrate
you equilibrate
they equilibrate
I equilibrated
you equilibrated
he/she/it equilibrated
we equilibrated
you equilibrated
they equilibrated
Present Continuous
I am equilibrating
you are equilibrating
he/she/it is equilibrating
we are equilibrating
you are equilibrating
they are equilibrating
Present Perfect
I have equilibrated
you have equilibrated
he/she/it has equilibrated
we have equilibrated
you have equilibrated
they have equilibrated
Past Continuous
I was equilibrating
you were equilibrating
he/she/it was equilibrating
we were equilibrating
you were equilibrating
they were equilibrating
Past Perfect
I had equilibrated
you had equilibrated
he/she/it had equilibrated
we had equilibrated
you had equilibrated
they had equilibrated
I will equilibrate
you will equilibrate
he/she/it will equilibrate
we will equilibrate
you will equilibrate
they will equilibrate
Future Perfect
I will have equilibrated
you will have equilibrated
he/she/it will have equilibrated
we will have equilibrated
you will have equilibrated
they will have equilibrated
Future Continuous
I will be equilibrating
you will be equilibrating
he/she/it will be equilibrating
we will be equilibrating
you will be equilibrating
they will be equilibrating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been equilibrating
you have been equilibrating
he/she/it has been equilibrating
we have been equilibrating
you have been equilibrating
they have been equilibrating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been equilibrating
you will have been equilibrating
he/she/it will have been equilibrating
we will have been equilibrating
you will have been equilibrating
they will have been equilibrating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been equilibrating
you had been equilibrating
he/she/it had been equilibrating
we had been equilibrating
you had been equilibrating
they had been equilibrating
I would equilibrate
you would equilibrate
he/she/it would equilibrate
we would equilibrate
you would equilibrate
they would equilibrate
Past Conditional
I would have equilibrated
you would have equilibrated
he/she/it would have equilibrated
we would have equilibrated
you would have equilibrated
they would have equilibrated
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Verb1.equilibrate - bring to a chemical stasis or equilibrium
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
2.equilibrate - bring into balance or equilibrium; "She has to balance work and her domestic duties"; "balance the two weights"
complement - make complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to; "I need some pepper to complement the sweet touch in the soup"
match, fit - make correspond or harmonize; "Match my sweater"
balance, poise - hold or carry in equilibrium
counterbalance, even off, even out, even up, compensate, correct, make up - adjust for; "engineers will work to correct the effects or air resistance"
cancel, offset, set off - make up for; "His skills offset his opponent's superior strength"
countervail, offset - compensate for or counterbalance; "offset deposits and withdrawals"
balance - be in equilibrium; "He was balancing on one foot"
trim - balance in flight by regulating the control surfaces; "trim an airplane"
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vt. equilibrar, balancear.
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We propose a robust model that predicts how the dealers share information and equilibrate the trade.
There is a measurement called "climate sensitivity." It's the global mean surface-temperature increase that you get after doubling C[O.sub.2] concentrations and letting the system equilibrate. With current climate models, the climate sensitivity for doubling C[O.sub.2] ranges somewhere between two degrees [Celsius] warming up to five degrees warming.
What really got us scratching our heads was the amount of time that it took for all three methods to equilibrate.
Nevertheless, if possible, it will always be better to randomize levels in the whole plots and, furthermore, reset them (i.e., turn the dial away and then, after allowing time for the system to equilibrate, put it back to the same value) when they have the same value, for example, between Groups 3 and 4 in this design.
Fresh brines for the Ca[Cl.sub.2] brining process were prepared to equilibrate with the cucumbers to concentrations of 100 mM Ca[Cl.sub.2] and 6 mM potassium sorbate.
The procedure "allows circulatory systems from two animals to commingle and equilibrate" and has been used in studies with subjects as varied as hormonal communication throughout the body and the role of cell circulation in cancer growth and neurodegenerative diseases, according to an article in the (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3938334/) Journal of Visualized Experiments .
Solvent is pumped into the cell until it is filled, and then allowed to equilibrate under static conditions.
The tool, Equilibrate, has been in development since the company's founding, and has been used to treat professional football players, orthopedic surgery patients and college athletes.
Condition 1 mL methanol Equilibrate 1 mL water Load pretreated sample Wash 1 1 mL 0.1% formic acid Wash 2 1 mL30% methanol Dry 3 to 4 min at high vacuum (~10" Hg) Elute 2x 500[micro]L ethyl acetate/Isopropanol/ammonium hydroxide (70:20:10) Table 2.
when two conductive objects with different electrical potential touch each other, there is a virtually instantaneous transfer of charge so that the two objects equilibrate to the same electrical potential...." Whenever we lie on the grass or walk barefoot along a beach, the electrons from the earth's surface sweep into our bodies.
The two models considered were a model in which the cAMP levels rapidly equilibrate within PMVECs (Fig.
* Brian Cadena, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Brian Kovak, Carnegie Mellon University and NBER, "Immigrants Equilibrate Local Labor Markets: Evidence from the Great Recession" (NBER Working Paper No.