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A person who performs feats of balance, such as tightrope walking.

[French équilibriste, from équilibre, equilibrium, from Latin aequilībrium; see equilibrium.]

e·quil′i·bris′tic adj.


(Professions) a person who performs balancing feats, esp on a high wire
eˌquiliˈbristic adj


(ɪˈkwɪl ə brɪst, ˌi kwəˈlɪb rɪst, ˌɛk wə-)

a performer skilled at feats of balancing, as a tightrope walker.
[1750–60; < French]
e•quil`i•bris′tic, adj.


one who performs feats that require an unusual sense of balance, as a tightrope walker.
See also: Acrobatics, Performing
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SUMMER STREET THEATRE - THE GREAT MEFIESTO Date: 1 Aug Time: 4pm Venue: The Crescent, Portstwart The Great Mefiesto will baffle the crowds with tricks of balance, entertain the audience with feats of equilibristic manipulation and make them marvel at his daring attempt at physical dexterity.
The third group of embryos was exposed to cryopreservation using glycerol 1.4M as a cryoprotector followed by equilibristic, both at saturation and directly after thawing with removal of cryoprotector immediately before transplantation.
Dimitar Culev analyzes for Utrinski Vesnik that the leaders of former Yugoslavia, who did not attend the in-auguration of Serbian President Nikolic, sent signals of diplomatic equilibristic, and not messages for good-neighborly relations.
Equilibristic performances by German acrobats on air bicycles, and wonders of balance will take your breath away from the first minute.
Black participation has manifested itself in the formation of a couple of groups of private entrepreneurs with some trade union capital backing and with financial equilibristic and engineering support from the remnants of the junior mining companies that sprang up in the early 1980s.
This equilibristic leap of logic utilized the following reasoning: "Voting for the legalization of the destruction of human life not only violates human law, but also offends the whole natural order.