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 (ē′kwə-mō′lər, ĕk′wə-)
adj. Chemistry
Having an equal number of moles.
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The permeability barrier in human skin is mediated by three lipid families, ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol, which are all present in an approximately equimolar ratio.
PMDA (0.436 g, 0.002 mol) was added to an equimolar amount of synthesized diamine (1.354 g, 0.002 mol) predissolved in freshly distilled NMP to make 20% solid concentration.
The best results--70% of glyceryl ether phospholipid--were achieved utilizing 5% of phospholipase D and a limonene-acetate buffer at a ratio of 1-to-3 at an equimolar ratio of reactants.
26015Y, 6-layer Luxor-Net, STS Medical Group Luigi Salvadori, Italy) wetted with 500 [micro]l of an equimolar water/methanol solution stored in 5-ml (Cat.
For the synthesis of siRNA duplex oligonucleotide, an annealing step is carried out where two purified oligonucleotide strands are brought together in an equimolar ratio.
Summary: The coordination mode of hesperidin with Zinc(II) was investigated by combined methods of Complete Neglect of Differential Overlap calculation (CNDO), continual variations of equimolar solutions, mole ratios, and IR spectra analysis.
The digestion conditions were optimized for equimolar conversion from protein to signature peptides using 2 peptides per protein and 3 transitions per peptide.
AgN[O.sub.3] (equimolar with the CEC) was dissolved in deionized water and then slowly dropped into the MMT sol, which was then kept at 80[degrees]C for 1 h with stirring.
The MHA resembles Met in chemical structure, with a hydroxyl group instead of an amino group, and it can be equimolar transformed to Met by transamination.
The resulting 120mer full-length probes, pooled at equimolar concentrations in the panel, display reduced GC content bias.
Ltd., Taiwan) with APBA (0.01 M) and an equimolar amount of NaN[O.sub.2] in 40 mL 0.1 M HCl at room temperature for 12 h.