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Infection with parasitic rickettsiae of the genus Ehrlichia, especially E. sennetsu, that are transmitted by ticks and produce manifestations in humans similar to those of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, including rash, muscle pain, and fever.

[New Latin Ehrlichia, family name (after Paul Ehrlich) + -osis.]


(ɜrˌlɪk iˈoʊ sɪs)
an infection caused by bacteria of the genus Ehrlichia, which are thought to be transmitted to humans and animals by ticks.
[after Paul Ehrlich]
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The aforementioned clinical, hematological and postmortem findings helped to differentiate babesiosis from trypanosomiasis (surra), equine infectious anemia, purpura hemorrhagica, equine viral arteritis, equine ehrlichiosis, leptospirosis, red maple leaves poisoning and dourine (Radostits et al.
Cutaneous vasculitis may be present as a significant component of many diseases such as equine viral arteritis (EVA), equine herpes virus infection, Equine ehrlichiosis, African horse sickness, Hendra disease, Venezuelan equine encephalitides, congestive heart failure and angioneurotic edema (Del, 2000).
PCR assays that detect antigens in blood are available for equine ehrlichiosis and may become available for canine ehrlichiosis/anaplasmosis.
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