equine encephalitis

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Noun1.equine encephalitis - encephalitis caused by a virus that is transmitted by a mosquito from an infected horse
cephalitis, encephalitis, phrenitis - inflammation of the brain usually caused by a virus; symptoms include headache and neck pain and drowsiness and nausea and fever (`phrenitis' is no longer in scientific use)
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Despite all the hoopla about Zika recently, it's not considered a significant problem here; the most important three are WNV, eastern equine encephalitis and St.
7m by US Government to Manufacture and Test Vaccine against Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis
Stability of virus RNA from either mosquito samples or lyophilized virus held at room temperature has been demonstrated for other arboviruses, including West Nile, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses (5-7).
A horse in Chester County has tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).
The scientists used the eTXP cells isolated from human umbilical cord perivascular tissue, and engineered them by adding a gene encoding a humanized Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV)-neutralizing antibody (anti-VEEV).
The Zika virus may be grabbing all the headlines right now but a different mosquito-borne disease called the Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) has (http://wate.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Equine Encephalitis - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides an overview of the Equine Encephalitis pipeline landscape.
The Simplicon polycistronic RNA strand has been engineered to self-replicate over time with the addition of VEE (Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus) structural proteins (NSP1, NSP2, NSP3 and NSP4) upstream of the reprogramming factors.
Louis encephalitis virus (10), Powassan virus (8), and Eastern equine encephalitis virus (8).
WESTMINSTER -- Area communities may be canceling evening activities after a horse infected with eastern equine encephalitis was euthanized.
Equine Encephalitis - Pipeline Review, Half Year is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct's proprietary databases, Company/University websites, SEC filings, investor presentations and featured press releases from company/university sites and industry-specific third party sources, put together by Global Markets Direct's team.
When Stephanie went into violent convulsions it sparked a series of tests that led to a diagnosis of viral equine encephalitis while in Mexico--and a journey that led to a six-week coma and brain damage.

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