equine infectious anemia

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equine infectious anemia

A viral disease in horses marked by progressive anemia, a staggering gait, and fever.

e′quine infec′tious ane′mia

a viral disease of horses and related animals, characterized by recurring fevers. Also called swamp fever.
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The emergence of equine infectious anemia in France prompted the local authorities to issue a temporary ban on importing equines from this European country as it will be helpful in preventing the spread of the infection inside the Kingdom, according to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.
Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) has been a worldwide plague on the horse industry for well over a century (Leroux et al.
The aforementioned clinical, hematological and postmortem findings helped to differentiate babesiosis from trypanosomiasis (surra), equine infectious anemia, purpura hemorrhagica, equine viral arteritis, equine ehrlichiosis, leptospirosis, red maple leaves poisoning and dourine (Radostits et al.
was established years ago as a quarantine facility for inapparent carriers of equine infectious anemia, few realize that they also provide life-long sanctuary for equines with little or no opportunity to find adoptive homes," said Daryl Tropea, GFAS Director of Accreditation - Equine.
The incidence of infectious animal and food-borne diseases, such as brucellosis and equine infectious anemia, remains high.
EIA stands for Equine Infectious Anemia, also occasionally known as "swamp fever.
THE quarantine restrictions in force at Cologne racecourse since October 1 following an outbreak of equine infectious anemia, or swamp fever, were finally lifted yesterday after tests taken earlier this week proved negative, writes David Conolly-Smith.
Tashjian long maintained miniature horses on his farm in West Boylston and advocated for research into equine infectious anemia, an incurable infectious disease in horses.
The imunopathogenesis of equine infectious anemia virus.
Chapters address lentivirus tropism and disease, macrophages in HIV-1 infection, intracellular mechanisms for lentiviral restriction, simian-HIV and simian immunodeficiency virus models of HIV disease, host and viral determinants of feline immunodeficiency virus cell tropism and pathogenicity, equine infectious anemia virus and its pathogenesis, the bovine lentivirus infections, and lentivirus coinfections and superinfections, among other topics.
Diagnostics capabilities include serology (eg, equine infectious anemia, brucellosis, toxoplasmosis, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and babesiosis); rabies testing (suspect animals involved with human exposure, rabies serology of animals destined for international movement); and infectious disease surveys (eg, leptospirosis).

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