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equipollence, equipollency

equality between two or more propositions, as when two propositions have the same meaning but are expressed differently. See also agreement.
See also: Logic
equalness of force, validity, etc. — equipollent, adj. See also logic.
See also: Strength and Weakness
equalness of force, validity, etc. See also logic. — equipollent, adj.
See also: Agreement
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In short, whether it connotes unhappiness or happiness to a person, and the life of the individual a priori depended on it, that was reflected in equipollency contents of "The book of changes" and in "The book of reasonings and revelations".
We argue that equipollency is a very strong assumption because various resources cannot have the same damaging effects on environment.
But for now, a content has been established: the coincidence between the interior word and the tropes introduces the equipollency between poetry and human thought.