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(ē′kwə-pŏl′ənt, ĕk′wə-)
1. Equal in force, power, effectiveness, or significance.
2. Logic Validly deducible from each other.
3. Equivalent.
An equivalent.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin aequipollēns, aequipollent- : aequi-, equi- + pollēns, present participle of pollēre, to be powerful.]

e′qui·pol′lence n.
e′qui·pol′lent·ly adv.


1. equal or equivalent in significance, power, or effect
2. (Logic) logic (of two propositions) logically deducible from each other; equivalent
3. (Mathematics) maths logic (of two classes) having the same cardinality
something that is equipollent
[C15: from Latin aequipollēns of equal importance, from equi- + pollēre to be able, be strong]
ˌequiˈpollence, ˌequiˈpollency n
ˌequiˈpollently adv


(ˌi kwəˈpɒl ənt, ˌɛk wə-)

1. equal in power, effect, etc.; equivalent.
2. (of two propositions, propositional forms, etc.) logically equivalent.
3. an equivalent.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin aequipollent-, s. of aequipollēns of equal value]
e`qui•pol′lence, e′qui•pol′len•cy, n.
e`qui•pol′lent•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
Only superstition is now so well advanced, that men of the first blood, are as firm as butchers by occupation; and votary resolution, is made equipollent to custom, even in matter of blood.
(22) Just as Kant talked about human dignity, we still talk about dignity today, which is untouchable, and has to be saved and protected at any cost and has got no equipollent. If a human being has got dignity in this sense, then he is his own target.
Ameka and Essegbey (2013) have argued that serial verb constructions in Kwa (Niger-Congo) languages like Ewe indeed represent an additional type that Slobin (2004, 2010) refers to as "equipollent".
Three types were identified, in accordance with the formal criterion and the updated semantic and functional oppositions: "gradual (between the lexemes of a certain semantic area according to the dimension extent), equipollent (specific to the fields in which the value of each lexeme is defined by means of direct opposition to all other lexemes of the group) and privative (between two lexemes, where one presents a distinctive feature to which the second is indifferent)".
They are called equivalent or equipollent canonizations.
During its 6th session of Silk Road Forum it will be discussed "The role of customs administrations on the promoting and facilitating of trade among Silk Road countries" with the attendance of Customs Ministers or heads of equipollent official administrations from 11 countries and 33 representatives from five international organizations.
Syntactic structures parallelism, being typical of scientific text, performs the functions of recitation of a number of equipollent author's logical judgments, development and refinement of his ideas in the course of scientific evidence and also creation of the text's rhythmical organization.
to define and implement the confidence building reciprocal steps in a "simultaneous", "equipollent" and "balanced" manner, and
Features of reciprocal steps: they should be equipollent, compatible and simultaneous.
Now we have found out that its value is equipollent to many later recordings and, what's more, it serves as yet another demonstration of the artistic level of Talich's, Ancerl's, as well as--this should be stressed--Sejna's Czech Philharmonic.
I argue that Chechen possesses an equipollent aspectual system.
An infrastructure is a part of the territorial structure of the national economy, a node of all kinds of communications, it can not always been taken as visually equipollent, but it essentially affects the character of the space shape.