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tr.v. e·quipped, e·quip·ping, e·quips
1. To supply with necessities such as tools or provisions. See Synonyms at furnish.
2. To furnish (someone) with the qualities necessary for performance; prepare: an education that will equip you to handle such problems.

[French équiper, from Old French esquiper, of Germanic origin; akin to Old Norse skipa (from skip, ship).]
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Noun1.equipping - the act of equiping with weapons in preparation for warequipping - the act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war
militarisation, militarization, mobilization, mobilisation - act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency: "mobilization of the troops"
outfitting - the act of renovating and fitting out a ship
rearmament - the act of arming again; "he opposed the rearmament of Japan after World War II"
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His mode of equipping the party as ourang-outangs was very simple, but effective enough for his purposes.
Toyota Australia, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), is equipping its RAV4 mid-size SUV with standard safety gear.
President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov ratified the agreement with Saudi Arabia on the project "providing equipment for medical centers, construction and equipping of a quarantine zone." The agreement was signed on 2 April 2018 in Tunis.
Department of State's Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs will award the new project 'Equipping Sri Lanka to Counter Trafficking in Persons (EQUIP)' to the International Labor Organization (ILO) Country Office for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
Turkey and the US aim to finalize an agreement on equipping and training moderate Syrian rebels this month, a senior Foreign Ministry official said on Monday, part of the US-led campaign to battle Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants.
The mission of USAMMA is to plan, synchronize, and provide medical logistics for health service support to forces conducting joint and full-spectrum operations by managing medical materiel life-cycle projects, equipping and sustaining the medical force, managing medical strategic centralized programs, and advancing performance excellence.
Meantime, Secretary-General of Hezbollah Seyed Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday welcomed the Lebanese government's decision to ask for Tehran's cooperation in equipping the country's Army.
"All units will train to the same standard, regardless of their location or separate chains of command," Askey said, explaining that properly training and equipping reservists for the mission will ensure that all service members work side-by-side, armed with the same knowledge and opportunities to reach mission success.
Well I'll offer that your Air Force is moving in a significantly different direction, relative to organized training and equipping, and looking to better fight this joint fight, this coalition fight, and looking for ways to more quickly win this global war on terrorism, and be able to dominate the next war should deterrence and dissuasion fail.
The district paid for the cameras out of its general fired and plans on equipping all of its 20 buses with units eventually.