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Overlapping at the base to form a flat, fanlike arrangement in two ranks, as the leaves of some irises.

[Latin equitāns, equitant-, present participle of equitāre, to ride horseback, from eques, equit-, horseman, from equus, horse; see ekwo- in Indo-European roots.]


(Botany) (of a leaf) having the base folded around the stem so that it overlaps the leaf above and opposite
[C19: from Latin equitāns riding, from equitāre to ride, from equus horse]
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He was chairman of the board of Aspect Communications, and chairman and CEO of Ireland-based Equitant, Inc.
Leaves are bright green having sword-shaped, based equitant, thickened in middle and wavy margins.
QUETTA -- Pakistan Nurses Federation (PNF) Balochistan has demanded of the concerned provincial authorities to make the allowances of the nurses of the province equitant to the allowances being drawn by the nurses in Punjab.
After leaving Xerox in 1999, the Stanford MBA served as chairman and CEO of Avis Group Holdings and Equitant Ltd.
The new comrades have a lesson to learn -- the SPLM Oyee slogan which is an equitant to NCP's Allah Akbar.
Gunn served on the Board of Directors of Equitant, Inc.
In February, IBM bought Dublin-based OTC outsourcing firm Equitant, whose clients include Microsoft and Lucent Technologies--a sign, analysts think, that the market for such services is heating up.
With IBM's acquisition of Equitant, IBM expanded its capabilities in Finance & Administrative (F & A) process transformation and outsourcing services to help clients achieve a higher level of business performance.
HI-TECH firm Equitant yesterday reported the sale of its Irish-based debt collection division - formally known as French and Associates - to collections firm Resolve2Collect.
He was chief executive officer and president of Equitant, an order-to-cash outsourcing business based in Ireland, from 2001 to 2003 and has also held senior management positions at Hewlett-Packard Services and Myers-Holum.
Tenders are invited for Purchasing of 1 Nos 1613 LPK Ex 36 8 POINT 5 Cu m Dumpar Tipper or Equitant